Portal Prefab is a way to rebuild the communities of Nepal—safely, simply, and affordably.

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Portal Prefab structures are customizable according to your need, preference, and price range. Choose from your options below.

Pick your structure size:

1 Bay Translucent.png

1 bay - 113.000 NPR

$1,036 USD

2 bay - 167.000 NPR

$1,531 USD

3 bay - 218.000 NPR

$1,999 USD

4 bay - 277.000 NPR

$2,540 USD

Pick your personalizations:

Front porch

Side door

Interior wall

Interior wall with door


Earthquake resistant. 

Earthquake resistant. 

Easy to build. 

Easy to build. 



Fabricated in Nepal.

Fabricated in Nepal.




Interested in purchasing a Portal Prefab?

Please select a structure size above to get more information, or contact us directly at the link below. We manage all of our sales on a one-to-one basis to make sure we can meet your needs the best we can. We're looking forward to hearing from you.