three bay structure

The 3 Bay Prefab is 9 meters long by 5 meters wide and is great for a large family. Add side doors for extra accessibility and interior walls to separate bedrooms from family rooms. This structure will work well as a community center, a school, or a home stay.

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The three bay structure can be Modified with the following:

Front porch

Providing shade during the hot seasons and cover during the rainy season, a porch will add extra space for families to work, to gather, and to rest. By moving the cooking area to the porch, a family will have the ventilation they need to avoid the dangers of smoke inhalation. 

Side door

Create extra accessibility and privacy with the addition of a side door. Equip bedrooms, guest rooms, and classrooms with their own separate and private entrances. Side doors provide ultimate customizability to a Prefab enabling it to be used for an endless number of purposes.

Interior wall

An interior wall creates separate rooms and additional privacy within a Prefab. It enables the structure to be configured to suit a wide variety of uses. Add an interior wall to separate classrooms, to create a private guest room, or to accommodate multiple families in one structure.

Interior wall with door

Give privacy without compromising accessibility. This interior wall separates the Prefab into separate rooms which are accessible by an interior door. This would be the ideal setup to create a private bedroom, a separate family space, or an interior kitchen. 

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Earthquake resistant

Earthquake resistant

 The strength and flexibility of steel makes it the go to material for earthquake resistance—our steel frame and CGI roof resists collapse in the event of seismic activity. 

 Our Prefabs are enclosed by a steel band and are completely encased with chainlink fencing giving the structure Gabian Basket style protection. Should walls fall during an earthquake, walls will fall outward, leaving occupants safe from harm.

Easy to build

Easy to build

 No welding or special equipment are required. The entire structure is bolted together and can be completed in just 1 to 2 days. 

 All pieces are easily stackable allowing for ultimate portability. Two complete Prefabs fit in a single Mahindra Mini-Truck. 

 Recipients are responsible for finishing the walls, giving them a sense of ownership, responsibility, and customizability.



 Portal Prefabs are designed to be accessible to those who need them most. Our basic units range from NPR 113.000 (for a 1 Bay) to NPR 277.000 (for a 4 Bay) and are inclusive of VAT.  

 Overall costs are greatly reduced by salvaging used windows, doors, and walls from the recipients' old homes or buildings.

Fabricated in Nepal

Fabricated in Nepal

 Our Prefabs are designed and built entirely in Nepal and are providing employment to local Nepalese men and women. 

 • All parts, materials, and tools are sourced locally from Nepali distributers, hardware shops, and steel manufacturers. 

 By allowing homeowners to build their own walls using traditional building materials, Portal Prefabs maintain the look and feel of culturally appropriate and traditional buildings.


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